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Tik Tak Café - San José del Guaviare

The best coffee bar in San José del Guaviare. Located next to the Fifth Level Hotel. Enjoy an afternoon of Coffee with your friends or family.

Tik Tak Café is a coffee chain established in 2018, a pioneer in the development of products derived from Colombian coffee and complemented with gourmet dishes of the highest quality.

With innovation, modernity and customer service as a flag, Tik Tak Café brings to San José del Guaviare hot drinks, cold drinks, sweet and savory dishes, pastries and innovative products such as bubble waffles to offer its customers a great gastronomic experience around of the coffee.

We are pioneers in the sector, we are perfectionists in our service, that's why coffee extraction methods and perfection from roasting to your rate are our obsession. We are your best option when sharing with those you want, we are Tik Tak Café, “your home away from home”.

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